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Miguel Napoles

I am a spearo with about 23 years of experience. I started with a friend called Bruno that invited me when I was 17. I Was afraid to put a mask and breath through a snorkel but I dove the same and i soon realized that i needed my own gear because it was too nice.

One year later I bought my first boat and since then I have never stopped, trying to improve my performances. I’ve known a lot of people I’ve learned from, men that I will always be gratefully to for the knowledge they shared with me. There are 4 spearos I want to name here, OSCAR/PAULO MARTINS/RICARDO MAIO and of course BRUNO SÁ.

Actually I dive with Paulo Martins and sometimes with Ricardo Maio in the waters of northern Portugal. My favorite catch is the SEA BASS “ROBALOS“. I dive as much as i can during the year. Special thanks to my kids and my wife for their support in everyday life.


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